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Complete Symphonies

Ludwig van Beethoven

Jan Willem de Vriend
The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
Consensus Vocalis

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A Beethoven-interpretation, so modern but also timeless, it is somewhere between a hysterical tightrope and deep felt intensity and emotion - which seeks its equal!
Crescendo, 01-9-2013

"The Eighth is never livelier interpreted then in this box" Jan van Laar - Elsevier - February 2012
, 20-2-2012


Over the past few years, Jan Willem de Vriend and The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra have made CD recordings of all the symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven. This box contains them all.

At an international level, Jan Willem de Vriend is more and more regarded as an outstanding conductor with a new, fresh point of view. As is his vision of Beethoven. Important classical magazines like Gramophone are enthusiastic about the series: "These are strong, thrustful performances which make sense in terms of the music in hand and the orchestra;s own character and competence.

Jan Willem de Vriend has an intense passion for music. He will never stop investigating. Curiosity and eagerness are simply part of him and the way he works. And this means that, in his hands, music from the past comes to life, time and time again. (from the linernotes of Valentine Laout)

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