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Serenade no. 1 / Variations on a Theme by Haydn

Johannes Brahms

Residentie Orkest The Hague
Jan Willem de Vriend

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Consigliati Da Classic Voice - 01/01/2017
Consigliati Da Classic Voice, 01-1-2017

The richness and breadth of the multichannel sound is beyond question.
Stereophile, 05-12-2016

"The recorded sound is vivid but slightly tubby."
Gramophone, 01-9-2016

" [...] Both the performance and the recording quality are great, which makes that the countermelodies and the rhythmic variations can be heard beautifully [...] "
Luister, 08-7-2016

" [...] And how good sounds the grunting horns at the beginning of variation six. "
De Volkskrant, 29-6-2016

"[...] Almost cheecky playfull [...]"
De Gelderlander, 01-6-2016

" [...] An album that makes you curious to the next one, but also stimulated to follow De Vriend at Den Haag with the best of interest. [...] "
Opus Klassiek, 25-5-2016


In today's world, one often perceives a division between art and academia, and composers and musicologists generally don't have much to say to one another. But that division has not always existed. Brahms himself was surrounded by a circle of academics who for him were also a source of animated comradeship. With some of them, Brahms would go on long walks outside Vienna and even on summer holidays. The men enjoyed long and sometimes loud, discussions about their shared obsessions, discoveries and findings. Brahms had these very discussions to thank for his lifelong interest in 'early music'. He even collaborated intensively on the critical editions of Couperin, Handel and Bach's sons and received interesting and useful advice form his friends. Since adopting a new artistic profile, The Hague Philharmonic is demonstrating more than ever that symphonic music can still be meaningful to large and diverse audiences in the 21st century. The ensemble performs regularly at various major concert halls around the world. Their ambitions are spreaheaded by a proactive education policy and are the driving force behind music education in the region.

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