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A Dutch Chief Conductor in Vienna

Jan Willem de Vriend is the new principal conductor of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and brings a breeze of fresh air as well as a new perspective on tradition to the symphonic landscape. Enthused by the orchestra's unique sound, which for him has the old soul and Viennese style in its DNA, the "stroke of luck from the Netherlands" (NZZ) explores the rich musical heritage with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra from the peripheries of the repertoire: He rediscovers the masses and vocal works by Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert for the Viennese concerts. With his profound knowledge of the classics, he unfolds “Klangrede” in a very collegial way.

With all his commitment, he remains closely connected to his other orchestras, both in Kyoto and with the Stuttgart Philharmonic, where he recently dusted off the myth of the Orient with Mozart, Biber, Haydn and Saint-Saëns and "enchanted" the audience. (Stuttgarter Zeitung)

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