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three new recordings will appear

On the 8th of September the first of three new albums will appear with pianoconcerto’s of Mozart.

Jan Willem de Vriend with Dejan Lazic and Bergen Philarmonic Orchestra recorded piano concerto A Dur K488 and Es Dur K449. Also the world premiere recording of the Rondo Concertante arranged by Dejan Lazic.

Dejan Lazić: The concept behind our present undertaking, the Mozart Piano Concertos CD-trilogy, is to bring together concertos of Mozart’s miscellaneous composing and performing periods, styles, techniques, and instrumentations side by side, thus to deeply examine and throughout his travels more closely explore his many creative phases within this genre. That is linked further with an encore-like single work on each CD, yet the additional connecting link between these initially planned six piano concertos is the Cadenzas & Lead-ins which I have composed myself.

Me and conductor de Vriend, partnering here together with the wonderful Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, we took a great care of the needs of Mozart’s music that was of course written for an instrument with a different timbre and dynamic range than the modern concert grand, thus carefully balancing the methods of playing: voicing, phrasing, articulation, rhetoric, and dynamics during solo, accompanied solo and tutti.

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